Break A Leg !

It is a mistaken belief that the legs on Grand Pianos are mighty and indestructible. Sadly legs can be broken, but happily, we can repair them.

Broken Leg from a Grand Piano

Handle With Care

Pianos contain a complex mechanism consisting of many thousands of parts. There are many household factors which can cause your instrument to lose condition.

Piano Mechanism
  • Excessively dry climates including wood burning heaters.
  • Locations of high moisture such as near bathrooms or pools.
  • Large windows let in too much radiant heat and are far worse is a skylight above a piano.
  • Rusty strings and ruined action parts are usually attributable to spillage from above or rodents in the piano.
  • Insects and spiders cause damage to all the small parts inside a piano.
  • Rough handling whilst moving can break the iron frame.
  • Small children can easily chip the key tops.
  • Robust playing can break the strings. Bad adjustment can cause rapid wear.

Let us help you care for your piano and it will provide you with years of enjoyment.